Really? Now’s when you decide to listen to the Holy Spirit?

Really? Now’s when you decide to listen to the Holy Spirit?

by Pastor Jenny Jones on August 24, 2018
As pastors we don't always have the answers, and when it comes to church engagement, many don't have the support and resources needed to address global poverty, let alone how to act on it. When given the opportunity to share the Matthew 25 Challenge in my church, I found that this was the exact onramp that church leaders could use to support God's vision and get involved.

As a mother of four, it was amazing to witness my own children actively participate in the challenges. On the night we were to sleep on the floor, I came across my son bringing his blanket and pillow downstairs.

I asked him what he was doing, thinking we were going to sleep together in the carpeted game room upstairs. He looked at me and said, "In the videos, I didn't see any of those kids being able to sleep on carpet." I thought, "now you decide to listen to the Holy Spirit!"

It really was a blessing to watch my son begin to lead us on what it means to follow Jesus. I truly love this challenge, it was an unimaginable experience.
- Jenny Jones, Real Hope Community, Richmond, TX -
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On February 24 - March 3, 2019, we are inviting churches and missional communities to step into this experience.

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