World Vision's 6k for Water could be the best outreach tool you use this year

by Ashley Colquitt, World Vision on January 2, 2018

When Elyse Cartmell of San Ramon Presbyterian Church got her church to host the Global 6K for Water, it became the church’s biggest outreach tool to date. Elyse launched the Global 6K at the church in 2016 and challenged her congregation to not just invite someone to the event, but to invite someone who is far from God. Asking them to intentionally reach out to someone who may say no to coming to a church service but yes to coming to an event that benefits children in need was bold, but it ignited their congregation.
On race day, San Ramon Presbyterian, a church of 100 members, had 200 people on their campus to walk/run the Global 6K! As people crossed the finish line and rallied to celebrate lives changed they received a special invitation from the head pastor to join them on Sunday and continue the celebration.

Walk, run, roll - this outreach tool will help your congregation turn witnessing aspirations to action!

On May 19, 2018, thousands of churches around the world will gather in their own cities on one weekend for the same cause - clean water. World Vision's Global 6K for Water walk/run provides you the opportunity to host your own event as an outreach tool to your local community while making a huge global impact. 

6K is the distance many children in the developing world are forced to walk for dirty water, and hosting a 6K for Water is a fun and easy way to make sure they no longer have to. 

As a church, you desire to make disciples. You want your congregation to actively share their faith and interact with people outside your church walls. And, it's almost certain that many people in your congregation would like to be bold about witnessing for Christ. Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between aspiration and action. 

New tools and new resources can help people be more energized and engaged with others around them. Providing your congregation with new tools and times of evangelism can drastically help them engage in sharing the gospel!
Can you imagine your first Sunday at a new church being a day that specifically celebrates and acknowledges you? This makes the on-ramp incredibly easy for first-time attenders to your church, without compromising worship, discipleship, or fellowship.
When you host a Global 6K for Water, World Vision provides everything you need, including:
  • 6K “race-in-a-box” complete with postcards, posters, mile markers and more!
  • T-shirts, finisher medals, and race bibs picturing children who are benefiting from World Vision’s water projects.
  • Direct access and planning assistance from World Vision’s Global 6K team.
This week, meditate on Col. 4:2-6. Here Paul asked for prayers on his behalf so that God would open doors in reaching the lost and he would empower him to speak the message clearly. Equipping your congregation with the Global 6K as an outreach tool enables them to speak the message clearly – that Christians are concerned with the needs of others, both globally and locally.

If you’re interested in hosting a Global 6K for Water or want more information, tune into one of our many live webinars or visit to register now!

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