Willow Creek Association & World Vision Call Church Leaders to Respond to Greatest Needs of Our Day

by Church Resource Team on February 12, 2016

The Willow Creek Association and World Vision are partnering together to inspire thousands of Christian leaders to engage in the global refugee crisis. Globally over 60 million people are displaced due to war, violence and conflict. The crisis in Syria alone affects more than 12 million people, who have had to leave their homes with and are living in camps with little more than the clothes on their backs.

“The refugee crisis is more than a political issue,” said Bill Hybels, founder and board chair for the Willow Creek Association. “It’s an issue that serious-minded Christ-followers cannot ignore. Christians, especially the leaders amongst us, must engage and figure out solutions to serve those in great need with the love we receive from Christ.”

In light of the greatest forced migration of people in our lifetime, the Church needs to stand in the gap, by demonstrating the love and compassion of Christ. Together, we will call and inspire the global Church and its leaders to thoughtfully engage these complex issues and respond as God leads. In 2016, our partnership will focus on inspiring 10,000 Christian leaders to engage in this crisis and help one million refugees.

Join thousands of Christian leaders by calling your church to respond to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. 

Help Syrian Children Refugees /pastor-resources/small-groups/m25-group-guide.html
Help Syrian Children Refugees https://www.worldvision.org/lp/m25-activate-your-church?campaign=400040480