Sneak peek at the Goat Curriculum

by Church Resource Team on October 28, 2016

Rosemary, an 8-year-old sponsored girl from Zambia, holding one of her family's goats, offspring from the original 5 goats they received through the GIft Catalog. 

This Christmas, we have a new goat-themed curriculum for your children's ministry! It's full of fun lessons to inspire your children's ministry to share God's love this Christmas. Here's a sneak peek at the first of the four lessons:

OVERVIEW:God shared the biggest gift of all when He gave us His Son, Jesus. We can follow God’s example and share gifts with others when we give a goat to a child in need. 

OPENING ACTIVITY: PETTING ZOO In advance, contact members of your church community who could bring a small goat to church on Sunday morning. Or, contact a local farm or petting zoo to see if they can help provide an animal. Set up a small gated area (inside or outside) where the kids can take turns petting the goat before you start your lesson. Make sure to provide a hand-washing station or hand sanitizer for kids and helpers to use. 

ALTERNATE OPENING ACTIVITY: WORLD MAP AND GOAT CUTOUTS Have a large world map printed out or drawn on a big piece of butcher paper. On the map, show where Burundi, Mongolia, and Zambia are located so the students can see where they will be “traveling” to. Be sure to mark where your church is on the map! You can even have older kids help you assemble or draw the map. 

Make copies of the goat template on the following page, then have students cut out and decorate the goats with crayons, markers, or other craft items. Have students put their goats on the world map where they would like them to travel. 

TALK How fun to get to talk about goats in our Sunday school class this morning! Did you know that in some countries around the world, goats make a really good Christmas gift for kids? Can you imagine finding a goat under YOUR Christmas tree? 


• What would you think if you got a goat for Christmas? 

• What kinds of gifts have you given to other people for Christmas or birthdays? 

What’s the greatest gift that God shared with us? 

His only Son, Jesus, who came to Earth to bring us life! Christmas is a special time for us to remember Jesus’ birthday and thank Him for all He’s done for us. We look forward to celebrating Christmas every year, don’t we? Lots of times, the thing we look forward to most is presents. But this year, what if instead of thinking about what we get, we thought about what we could share? God thought about us and loved us so much that He shared with us the most important gift He could give. 

What’s so special about the gift of Jesus? 

READ JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

How should we respond to the gift of Jesus’ birth? Jesus was born to share the gift of life with us. Let’s celebrate Him by sharing gifts that bring life to other children! Does anyone remember what can be a great gift for kids in some other parts of the world? A goat! 

That’s why our class is going to raise money to send goats to boys and girls in need through the World Vision Gift Catalog. Let’s find out where these goats might travel by going on a journey with two new friends, Billy and Grampa—who just happen to be goats themselves! 

WATCH VIDEO: “Meet the goats” 

STORY Now let’s follow Billy and Grampa … to Burundi! Would anyone like to guess where the country of Burundi [bu-ROON-dee] is? (Once kids have guessed, identify the country of Burundi on your world map.) 

We’re going to meet a girl named Chania [CHEN-yah]. She’s 6 years old, and she is the youngest in her family. She has four older brothers and two older sisters! She lives in a small farming town in Burundi, and her chores include helping her mom take care of their small farm. Her family used to have barely enough for two simple meals each day. But when her family was given a goat from World Vision’s Gift Catalog … it really changed their lives! 

WATCH VIDEO: “#FollowtheGoats to Burundi” 


• Do you know anyone who has been to Africa? 

• How long do you think it would take to travel to Burundi? 

• What are some ways Chania’s family has been helped by goats? 

• What fun facts can you remember about goats? 

Giving one goat is like giving a bunch of different presents! 

• One goat can provide lots of milk to drink or to make into cheese or yogurt. 

• Goat poop makes great fertilizer, which helps gardens grow. 

• Families can sell the milk, cheese, or fertilizer to get money to pay for other things they need, like school supplies and medicine. 

• Goats are tough! They can survive harsh weather that other animals don’t like. 

• When goats multiply, they can help a whole family lift themselves out of poverty! 

CLASS PRAYER POINTS Pray for kids like Chania to get what they need to grow, be healthy, and feel God’s love. Pray that we would understand the importance of sharing life-changing gifts with others this Christmas. 

CLOSING CRAFT: CREATE YOUR OWN BILLY GOAT BANK The Gift Catalog is a great way to send goats to kids in need. But first we need to raise money— $75 for each goat. So let’s make something to keep our money in when we ask our family and neighbors for donations. 

Create boxes using scrap cardboard pieces, or use empty tissue boxes. Provide a picture of a goat (can be the same one from the above map exercise) for your students to cut out, color, and glue onto their box, along with colored paper they can use to decorate their box like a pasture. Have students write your class fundraising goal on the box and tell them to keep their boxes in a visible area at home, like the kitchen table. 

FUNDRAISING IDEA: GOAT NOTES Before or after services, have a table with blank cutouts of the fundraising goat template. Set your price at $1 per goat, or another amount of your choice. Ask church members to buy a “goat note” and write the name of a loved one on it. Hang the notes around your foyer or on the giant world map in your classroom. Or the people who donate can give them as actual notes!

Teach your children about sharing God's love this Advent. Download the full Children's Curriculm for FREE! 

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