Refugee Sunday Resources

by Church Resource Team on September 4, 2015

Thank you for your passion to mobilize your church!

Refugee Sunday is an interactive way for your church to respond to the current refugee crisis, the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today. Here are resources you can use to help your congregation understand the significance of this crisis, grow spiritually as they intercede for refugees and tangibly respond to the needs of children and families.

Here's everything you need to put on an awesome event...


1. Set a date for your Refugee Sunday.
2. Use these event planning resources to prepare for your event, including the Event Guide.
3. Plan your announcements and sermon with these Pastor talking points.
4. We'll be sending you a Refugee Sunday Kit which will include Refugee Responder folders so the members of your church can respond to the urgent needs of children and families living in unimaginable conditions.  If you still need to order your folders, please e-mail us with your name, church name, address and church size. Email us.



DOWNLOAD the videos here


1. Event Guide: Organizers, this is your resource to plan every aspect of your event. DOWNLOAD HERE. 

2. Talking Points: Plan your announcements and sermons using these helpful talking points about the refugee crisis and how your church can respond. DOWNLOAD HERE. 

3. Volunteer Instructions: 
Give these instructions to the volunteers you recruit to staff the tables where people will respond with giving. DOWNLOAD HERE. 

4. Small Group Guide: Challenge your small groups to put their faith into action through this prayer and discussion guide. This study explores the Biblical themes of compassion, love for neighbor, and will touch hearts of your congregation through stories of children and families who desperately need their love, support, and care as they seek safety in neighboring countries after fleeing from violence.

5. Story Cards: These 8 story cards will help your congregation connect to the stories of child refugees currently living in unimaginable conditions.  Use these cards as bulletin inserts or place on seats in your church. DOWNLOAD HERE.

6. Photos:  Use these powerful images to promote your event and move your congregation to help child refugees. DOWNLOAD HERE.

A member of our Church Resource Team will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions, help you plan your event and get more details.  If you have any questions right now, please e-mail us

In the meantime....learn more about the current refugee crisis.

Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas, World Vision USA president Rich Stearns, and our Syrian refugee expert Wynn Flaten talk about what can be done to help the millions of Syrian refugees currently living in unimaginable conditions.
Help Syrian Children Refugees /pastor-resources/small-groups/m25-group-guide.html
Help Syrian Children Refugees