New Children's Curriculum

by Church Resource Team on September 21, 2016

This Christmas, engage the children in your church in sharing God’s love with children in the greatest need, who live in the world’s hardest places. Using this brand-new Children’s Goat Curriculum, your Children’s Ministry will follow the adventures of Billy the Goat and Grampa Goat as they travel around the world to show us how goats and other World Vision Gift Catalog animals transform lives! During the process, your children will have fun with silly goat-themed activities, entertaining videos, and meaningful lessons on how we can share God’s love with others.  

About this curriculum:

  • Designed for elementary-aged students
  • Lessons include opening activities, Scripture lessons, stories, videos, discussion ideas, crafts, fundraising ideas, and take-home flyers for parents.
  • Introduces kids to children around the world who are just like them in many ways but whose lives may look quite different because they lack access to many of life’s basics.
  • Gives your class the chance to put what they’re learning into action by raising funds for goats from the World Vision Gift Catalog.
  • Approved by ministry leaders who tell us about the wonderful responses they’ve witnessed from the children in their classes! 
    Download the FREE Children's Goat Curriculum for your Children's Ministry today!

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