Matthew 25 Challenge Prompts Church Unity and Conversation

Matthew 25 Challenge Prompts Church Unity and Conversation

by World Vision Church Resources on September 7, 2018
"For me, it's personal. I was born and raised in Colombia, where we are no stranger to poverty. My sister once took me along to complete her service project in the slums of Bogotá, where I saw unimaginable poverty.

Right in the middle of it was World Vision, working to change lives. Their dedication inspired me, and once I became a pastor, I didn't hesitate to find opportunities for my church to engage.

I jumped at the opportunity to bring the Matthew 25 Challenge to my church. It gave my congregation an idea of what poverty looks like, to those we have been fortunate enough to never have experienced anything close to it. It was a practical and engaging way for our church to address and care for the global poor, and brought our congregation closer together.

All I can tell you is this-give it a try. You'll be able to give something tangible for your church to engage in the words of Jesus."
- Juampa Martinez, Church on the Rock, Wasilla AK -

"Experiencing what 'the least of these' experience on a daily basis really brought … Matthew 25 alive for me! It kept ringing in my ears, that what we do for 'the least of these' we are doing for Jesus. That is huge!!"
- Jamie Duerksen in Sergeant Bluff, IA, Sunnybrook Community Church -

"We had fantastic discussion with our 4-year-old. The first night at dinner while eating rice and beans he asked, 'Why does God give us food but not some other people?' This prompted a great discussion about what God calls us to do in Matthew 25, and challenged us to describe these hard truths on a level that our son could understand and was impactful for him."
- Suzanne Bostwick in Bloomington, MN, Christ Presbyterian Church -
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World Vision's Matthew 25 Challenge disciples your community through an immersive and transformational text-message experience that engages your whole missional community, strengthens families and transforms the lives of children around the world.

On February 24 - March 3, 2019, we are inviting churches and missional communities to step into this experience.

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