Image of Omran represents grim reality of Syria Crisis

by Church Resource Team on August 18, 2016

World Vision's Syria Crisis Response Director Suzy Sainovski speaks to BBC World TV about the heartbreaking image of five-year-old Omran being pulled from rubble in Aleppo.

Children are suffering from Syria's conflict. Please help.

There’s a new face on the humanitarian outrage that is the Syrian civil war: a small boy who was pulled from the rubble left from an airstrike in Aleppo sits in an ambulance, his face covered in dust and blood.

“The children of Syria have experienced more hardship, devastation, and violence than any child should have to in a thousand lifetimes,” says Dr. Christine Latif, World Vision’s response manager for Turkey and northern Syria.

Vital supplies and services are in short supply in Syria and in surrounding countries where more than 4.8  million Syrian refugees have fled.

With your church's help, World Vision provides health care, child protection, food, and water that is a literal lifeline to suffering Syrians.

Your church can help Syrian refugee children. Respond now.



In partnership with the Willow Creek Association, we co-created this leadership guide as a resource for church leaders. Learn how to understand and pray for the crisis, make a plan of action, and engage your church.

Download it here. 

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Help Syrian Children Refugees