How your church can show calm in a crazy world

by Kurt Rahn, Church Resource Team on January 17, 2017

I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but the world seems a bit crazy right now… And every day it just seems to get worse. People in your congregation and in your community are experiencing anxiety and fear. They turn to the media and see stories of violence, exploitation, and uncertainty.
Here's just a look at what people are fearful of these days:

Now is the time for your church to step up and be a beacon of light for your community. As believers, we know Jesus is the answer, and a relationship with Him will help your community experience a level of peace they didn't think imaginable.
It's now time for churches to call their community to not be discouraged by the news but to show people that followers of Jesus are stepping up to answer the greatest challenges of our day. 
Here are 3 ways your church can rally your community together to respond to the craziness in our world:
Be first responders
One of the best ways your congregation can be the hands and feet of Christ is to be prepared to respond to great challenges.  Whenever a natural disaster happens or a story comes out about the tragedies of war and violence, people look for ways to respond. As soon as news breaks, make sure your congregation is ready to raise money and serve. World Vision is here to give your church a way to respond when there are disasters. Here are the top 6 worst disasters we responded to last year
Share a sermon series
Consider doing a sermon series about how to process the problems in the world right now. Use it as an outreach event by inviting those in your community who are having a hard time understanding what's going on.  Here are 3 examples of sermon series churches have done: Host an interactive exhibit
Bring an event to your church to help your community see that they don’t have to be bystanders, but they can do something about the pains in our world.  Bring an interactive exhibit to your church that will encourage your congregation to process what they are feeling and find ways that they can respond. Here are a few interactive experiences World Vision has to offer your church: People are afraid, but they don’t have to be victim to the bad news and divisive media. Your church can show your congregation how they can be the light in the darkness and how they can show the love of Christ to a hurting and scared world.  

To encourage you this week, here’s a video from Rich Stearns and Bill Hybels about the importance of leadership in times like these.

Engage your church around the mission of building God's kingdom and invite them into authentic discipleship that leads them to act on Jesus' call in Matthew 25.

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