How World Vision is responding in Iraq

by Kathryn Reid on July 14, 2015

More than 3 million people in Iraq have been forced to leave their homes because of conflict. 

Since last September World Vision has provided assistance to displaced people in the Kurdish region of Iraq, including food, water and sanitation, household items, and programs to protect and educate children.  

Most displaced Iraqis face  an uncertain future. 

"You have huge populations sitting outside their homes," says Ashraf Yacoub, World Vision's response director in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, "with no plans whether they'd be able to go back, or whether they'd be able to settle where they are now, or whether they'd be able to settle somewhere outside Iraq completely."

World Vision’s operations are in three governorates — Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaymaniyah — that host approximately 2.1 million displaced people. The major focus of the response is on providing life necessities for 220,000 people who are not living within camps, but have settled in unused buildings and open spaces, and therefore receive less support.

Your Church can help respond to the needs of millions of displaced people from the Syrian Crisis here.

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