How the Experience Inspired Adventure Church to Do More

by Andy Hamilton, Pastor of Adventure Church Bradley, IL on September 30, 2015
A few years back, a collection of churches in the Bradley/Bourbonnais, Illinois community began a strategic partnership with the people of Marafa, Kenya. It's opened the eyes of our community to the challenges that are prevalent in Kenya.
As a part of that collaborative partnership, the church that I pastor recently had the privilege to host the World Vision Experience Truck. This experience again opened our eyes to various world issues like: human trafficking, the Syrian refugee crisis, and child safety.

I've been serving at Adventure Christian Church for 12 years, and this was the first time that we've done anything like this as a congregation.
I've recently felt the burden that more people need to know more about the ministry of World Vision and the work that they are doing around the world!


It's dangerous to make the assumption that people in your church are already aware of the issues mentioned above.
Honestly, I wasn't sure how our community would respond to the experience. You read about these issues on social media and hear about them on the nightly news, but until you actually experience them firsthand, everything seems so distant.
Bringing the Experience truck to the Bradley/Bourbonnais community was life-changing for everyone who walked through the exhibit. I'm proud to report that as a result of hosting the World Vision Experience Truck, Adventure Christian Church is doing more! Collectively, we ARE making a difference! The experience helped us more than double our monthly child sponsorships, and more importantly it helped to strengthen our Team Marafa partnership. 
When churches ban together, they accomplish so much more!
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