Host the NEW World Vision Experience

by World Vision Church Engagement on June 2, 2015

We've created a compelling experience that is a powerful discipleship and engagement tool for your entire church! The next generation of our mobile exhibit will travel to your church, inspiring your congregation to embrace Jesus’ call to be light in a dark world, to live out selfless love for the well-being of everyone, everywhere—especially for the most vulnerable.

During a 20-minute journey, your congregation will witness despair and hope in a brothel in Southeast Asia, see how God is working in the midst of the Syria refugee crisis, and join Christ in the midst of extreme poverty in Africa. They’ll be inspired and transformed as they hear what Jesus hears, see what He sees, and come to understand that they are serving Jesus Himself as they come alongside those in the midst of today’s greatest needs.
Invite your church to journey with Jesus among those suffering in the margins of our world in the World Vision Experience. Your people will never be same.

Interested in hosting? Email us.


This Summer's Open Weekends

July 9-12 Midwest Region
July 23-26 Midwest Region
August 27-30 Midwest/East/South
September 3-7 Midwest/East/South
September 24-27 Midwest Region

What Visitors are Saying

"The Experience made me feel like I was there. But what impacted me the most was seeing how World Vision is working in these areas and that I can help!" 

“As a parent, I can’t imagine watching these things happen to my children. We need to bring the light of Jesus to the darkest corners of this world.”

“I listened to these stories and saw these pictures and I just wish I could trade places with these children to understand exactly what they are going through. I am so glad that World Vision has allowed me to step in their shoes and help me realize how much of a difference I can make.”

Interested in hosting the NEW World Vision Experience to inspire your church to follow Jesus into the margins? Email us.

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