"Gunmen were running towards our area so we ran to the church"

by Church Resource Team on August 13, 2015

In 2011, South Sudan become the world's newest country, after an historic vote for independence. Today, the country is struggling with a series of conflicts that have displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. As violence has escalated, more and more children are witnesses or victims of attacks. In the United Nations base in Malakal, where World Vision is providing relief services, children recount their losses and their worries for the future. World Vision is setting up water points and providing sanitation facilities in the U.N. area where 20,000 displaced civilians are living in tarpaulin shelters. The organization also is bringing relief aid to displaced families in nearby communities.

How Your Church Can Help

HELP NOW: Despite ongoing conflict in fragile places like South Sudan, your church can take on the greatest needs of our day by providing emergency food and interventions for malnourished children in South Sudan.

DOWNLOAD a prayer guide to have your church pray for this massive refugee and hunger crisis. 

LEARN MORE: The Christian Broducast Network recently traveled to South Sudan with World Vision's President Rich Stearns and capture this video to help Christians understand the current crises there and how fragile lives are being helped in this vulnerable young country.Watch here. 

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Help Syrian Children Refugees https://www.worldvision.org/lp/m25-activate-your-church?campaign=400040480