Eugene Cho & Rich Stearns: The Unique Opportunity for the Church

by Kurt Rahn, Church Resource Team on August 13, 2015

Eugene Cho, founder of One Day’s Wages and pastor at Quest Church, recently stopped by World Vision. While here, Rich Stearns and Eugene wanted to spend some time to encourage church leaders like you.  

Here are 5 takeaways our team had from their conversation.

Living justly and compassionately are a part of our discipleship

Justice and compassion are not perifial issues. We often miss how central it is as a part of our discipleship.  As leaders, we must be discipling our congregation to live a life of justice and compassion.

Your church can’t do everything

As a pastor you need to spend time in prayer with your congregation to see what causes you should respond to and who you should partner with. If every church in America responded to just one issue, it would be revolutionary and we'd make a huge impact.

Jesus is still revolutionary

He sent us into the world to show a different way to live together.  He calls us to care for the poor, to stand up for injustice, and to promote life.  When we do that amazing things begin to happen.

Church leaders have a unique opportunity

The Great Commandment calls us to go where human suffering is the worst.  The Great Commission calls us to places that the Gospel is most underdeveloped.  This is a recipe for 21st century missions.  We need to have a strategy to engage the most fragile places in our world.

Justice opens the door to conversations about Jesus

The most powerful sermon we can be communicating out to the world is how the church responds to places of pain and injustices. To attract people in your community, your church needs to be living out the Gospel and be people of action.

We hope this video inspired you to pick a cause for your church and to do something about it. As you go through that process we are here to help. 
 We've developed a FREE 7-Day Devotional to help guide your leadership team in praying for those in the margins. 

In the Margins 7-Day Devotional

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