Discipleship Defined

by Derwin L. Gray, Transformation Church on June 20, 2016

Article provided by Derwin L. Gray, and our partners at iDisciple.

Discipleship is the integration of the Gospel into the everyday fabric of life. Being a disciple or student of Jesus means that we trust Jesus to accomplish in us, and through us, by God the Holy Spirit’s power, what we could never accomplish ourselves for the glory of God (Ephesians 3:20).

Discipleship is a life of faith. As a pastor, I cannot make anyone live by faith. Jesus can’t make a person live by faith. Living by faith is a choice that each person must intentionally make for him or herself.

When the disciples of Jesus were in the boat in the midst of the storm, only Peter had the faith to get out of the boat.  All the other disciples had gone through the same experience as Peter did with Jesus, but only Peter acted in faith. Only Peter abandoned fear.

This is what I’m learning about discipleship:

Do not try to replace the Holy Spirit with people.  No matter how awesome your small group, your local church, or your pastor, only you can choose to walk by faith.

It’s a lot easier to study Theology than to live by faith and live out the Theology we’ve learned.  Faith means, “Jesus, I’m going to trust you despite my feelings or circumstances.”

Realize you can’t get anyone else out of the boat of faith.  I can preach my guts outs, mentor, disciple, partner with the Holy Spirit to create environments that promote discipleship, and pray for people, but ultimately each individual person must exercise faith in Jesus to live His life through them.

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