Churches see hearts and eyes opened for

Churches see hearts and eyes opened for "the least of these brothers and sisters"

by World Vision Church Resources Team on August 31, 2018

We are delighted to share feedback from families who have gone through the Matthew 25 Challenge with their church. On October 21-28, we are inviting churches to step into this experience together. The Matthew 25 Challenge disciples your congregation through an immersive and transformational text-message experience that strengthens families while transforming the lives of children around the world.

Read these powerful testimonies:

"Our 8-year-old didn't just want to skip snacks on the first day. He said that if his brother had to go without food as long as he did, then he could skip one meal. He didn't eat after breakfast and came home so hungry and tired. He said kids asked why his parents made him do this and his answer was that he was doing it for God and for his brother so that he could better understand the struggles that others go through. I adore his heart and love that he has allowed God to fill it!"
- Lisa Nicholson in Wentzville, MO, The Crossing at Mid Rivers -

"We have four children, ages 5, 4, 2, and 1. Our older two really learned what it meant to sacrifice. They asked us, 'Why is it so hard to sacrifice?' We explained to them [that it's] because you're giving up something you really love for something more important. We told them it's not a true sacrifice if you give up something that you don't really enjoy. We reminded them of Day One's challenge, when they had to give up snacks. That was really difficult for them, but after they watched the videos and we prayed as a family, they were OK. They even began sharing with their friends at school what it meant to sacrifice for others. Truly a blessing to our hearts!"

- Wilson family in Bowie, MD, Kettering Baptist Church -

"My 4½-year-old watched the videos and we talked about them again each night before bed. He would remember them the next day and ask what our challenge was and why. He one day asked, 'Mom, can we just invite all the children over for lunch?' It made him think that some people do go without."

- Abigail Clark in Seymour, IN, The Point -

"The conversations with my middle-school kids were amazing. We have so much! And hopefully all our eyes were opened to others around us locally and globally."

- Jonnell Patton in St Louis, MO, The Crossing -
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