Church Prayer Guide: Hurricane Patricia

by Church Resource Team on October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia is a category-5 storm. With 200-mph winds and torrential rain up to 20 inches expected in four Mexican states, the damages will likely be extensive. The government has advised 7 million people to prepare for the hurricane’s landfall. Join World Vision in prayer for Mexico’s people as they face this natural disaster.

Pray for families in the storm’s path.

Lord, we ask for Your protection and care over the most vulnerable children and families in the path of Hurricane Patricia. Help them shelter in a safe place so that when the storm is over they can begin the recovery process quickly. Comfort the hearts of the 7 million people preparing for the storm to hit.

Pray that damages can be easily repaired.

Lord, high winds, flooding, and mudslides can cause major destruction. We ask You to let whatever damage the storm creates be easily and quickly repaired. Let it not disrupt people’s lives and sense of security.

Pray that emergency supplies reach those who need it.

Lord, we know that the government and other agencies are sending help. Allow food, water, and other emergency aid to reach those who need it quickly. Let those who receive help realize how much You care for them and their needs.

Hurricane Patricia: Here's how your church can respond

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