Being Small Doesn't Impact a Church’s Ability to Give

by Church Resource Team on October 28, 2015

In Minot, North Dakota, Saron Lutheran Church proves that being small does not impact a church’s ability to give. The church donated over $1,000 dollars through World Vision’s Gift Catalog to give several families goats, helping a few of the 162 million children whose growth is stunted due to undernutrition.  This generosity helps families in poor countries receive the nutrition they need, while also providing an opportunity for them to make a profit off of the extra milk. 

A Unique Way to Support Missions

“We started a while ago,” Darcy Sandstrom, a member of the church, says of their support for World Vision.  She explained that after learning about World Vision, she wondered why they weren’t supporting its mission.  The church has invested a lot in its community by doing service work and using part of the church’s trust fund to support people who want to go into ministry.  It has also strongly valued the importance of supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide. 

“In the beginning, I mentioned it to the congregation,” she says.  The church mission group supported the idea to give to World Vision, and so they decided to sponsor a child as a congregation.  “We had families choose a month they would sponsor, so we could cover a whole year.  [The congregation] was very receptive.”  They kept updates about the sponsored child in their bulletin so the whole church could be involved. 

Committed to Giving Goats

The church learned about the gift catalog and they decided they wanted to be a part of it.  They chose to use money from the trust fund to provide goats to families in need.  “We knew not to spend it in one place,” Sandstrom says about the trust fund.  They work hard to take advantage of many different giving opportunities and decided to give the gift of goats through World Vision. 
Here at World Vision, we are so excited to see churches of all sizes and locations taking action and providing life-saving help to children and families in need! 

This Christmas, your church can share a full life with children in need using the World Vision Gift Catalog. Get FREE resources here.

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