A personal act of love

by SARAH KRUSHINSKI on January 6, 2017

The Krushinski family in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, with letters they’ve received from their sponsored child in Kenya.
(Photo: Jim Mendenhall/
Gensis Photos)

Charitable giving has always been a priority for my family. We truly believe sharing our blessings in Christ’s name is essential to our calling as Christians. It becomes especially meaningful when you know that you are blessing a particular child, family, and community. It is a personal act of love, which is why I think sponsoring a child teaches us to be Christ-like. He touched the lives and faith of individuals. He taught his disciples to become fishers of men. It was very personal. Although he spoke to large groups occasionally, he seemed to be most comfortable healing individuals, talking in small groups or one on one, quietly and sometimes privately.

Letters from Virginia, the family’s sponsored child in Kenya.
(Photo: Jim Mendenhall/Genesis Photos)

Even though we are continents apart from our sponsored child, Virginia, in Kenya, we write to each other regularly. She tells us of her life in Africa; her favorite foods; her love of school, soccer, and drawing. She relates how she helps her mother cook and do chores. Virginia is the same age as our son, so we are able to share similar milestones with her, and there is a kinship between the children.

We especially enjoy emailing her, because we know she will receive the translated letter much more quickly than if we sent one through the mail—and we always attach pictures! We love that she can experience God’s love and know that there is a family far away who loves and supports her in the name of Jesus Christ.

Last year, I went through hard times with my small business and had to consider where I might be able to make cuts to my budget. Only for a moment did I consider cutting off my child sponsorship. Only for a moment. Instead, I resolved that we would continue sponsoring Virginia, no matter what my financial straits may be, for she is in so much more need—and just as precious in God’s sight as my family and I are.

Members of your church can show God's love through sponsorship by hosting a Hope Sunday.

This article was originally published in the World Vision Magazine.

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