67 years: Engaging the Body of Christ

by Church Resource Team on November 1, 2017

Sunday church service with Pastor Rath Uong at the Samrith Methodist Church he started in Samrith village, Kampong Thom, Cambodia. He became a believer after seeing the good work of World Vision’s staff. (©2008 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Since World Vision began in 1950, partnering with the local and global church has been at the core of our work around the world.

1950 | North American churches respond to Bob Pierce’s appeal for Korea.

1951 | As a U.N. correspondent, Bob Pierce reports from Korea for the American Christian press.

1953 | Pastors conference start, first in Korea. (Pastors conferences recur in all countries mentioned.)

A pastors conference in Taegu,
South Korea, in 1955. (©World Vision archive)

1955 | Pastors conferences start in Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

1956 | Pastors conferences start in Indonesia.

1957 | Evangelism events in Philippines and Korea.

1958 | Pastors conferences start in India, Singapore, Ghana, and Myanmar.

1959 | Pastors conferences start in Malaysia and Thailand; evangelism event in Japan.  

1960 | Pastors conferences start in Barbados and Colombia.

1961 | Evangelism event in Japan; pastors conferences start in Argentina

In 1961, an evangelism event in Tokyo was broadcast on TV. (©World Vision archive)

1962 | Pastors conferences start in Guatemala.

1963 | Pastors conferences start in Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay.

1964 | Pastors conferences start in Pakistan.

1965 | Pastors conferences start in Peru and Bolivia.

1967 | MARC Communications Center begins publishing world missions data.

1968 | Pastors conferences start in Kenya, Mexico, and Panama.

1969 | Pastors conferences start in Sri Lanka and Portugal.

1970 | Pastors conferences start in Tanzania.

1971 | Pastors conferences start in New Guinea and Bangladesh.

1972 | Pastors conferences start in Uganda and Vanuatu.

1973 | Love Loaf fundraising launches for U.S. churches; pastors conferences start in Ecuador.

Started in 1973, the Love Loaf fundraising program got U.S. churches
involved with World Vision’s work. (©World Vision archive)

1974 | Evangelism events in Cambodia and the Philippines; Lusanne Congress in Switzerland; pastors conferences start in Australia, Sudan, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

1975 | 100th pastors conference in Korea.

1976 | Pastors conferences start in Ethiopia.

1977 | Pastors conferences start in Fiji, New Zealand, and former Yugoslavia.

1978 | Pastors conferences start in Burkina Faso, Malawi, and Hong Kong.

1979 | Pastors conferences start in Poland and Haiti.

1980 | Annual Robert W. Pierce Award created to honor missionaries.

1981 | Day of Prayer annually sets aside Oct. 1 for prayer in all World Vision offices; pastors conferences start in Egypt.

1983 | Pastors conferences start in Hungary.

1984 | Pastors conferences start in Zimbabwe.

1985 | Retreat for urban pastors in Chicago; refugee Vietnamese pastors gather in California.

1989 | Lusanne II in the Philippines; reponse to San Francisco earthquake through U.S. churches; and pastors conferences start in El Salvador.

1990 | Pastors conferences start in Dominican Republic, Moldova, Nigeria, and Zambia.

1991 | Pastors conferences start in Romania.

1992 | 30 Hour Famine engages church youth to fight hunger; response to Los Angeles riots through local churches; and pastors conferences start in Bulgaria.

1993 | Pastors conferences start in Ukraine.

1994 | Pastors conferences start in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1995 | All-denomination pastors conferences continue through the decade in West African countries.

1996 | Reconciliation workshops begin for pastors in Rwanda after the genocide.

Pastors in Rwanda attended reconciliation workshops following the
 1994 genocide. (©1998 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

1997 | Pastors conferences start in Chad and Czech Republic.

2000 | Hope Initiative engages U.S. churches to address the AIDS pandemic.

2001 | Response to 9/11 attacks through New York City churches.

2004 | Hope Tours encourage U.S. pastors to mobilize on AIDS.

2005 | Faith in Action Study Bible published with Zondervan.

2006 | Menlo Park Presbyterian Church begins assembling hygiene kits for AIDS caregivers.

2006 | Team World Vision founded

2007 | Faith in Action campaign kit equips U.S. churches; experiential AIDS exhibit travels throughout U.S.; and Youth Bible Curriculum provided to former Eastern Bloc countries.

2009 | Rich Stearns’ book The Hole in Our Gospel is a call to action for the U.S. church.

2010 | Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Cape Town, South Africa; Church Partnership for Child Well-Being project launches.

2011 | “Journey to Jamaa” film deepens congregations’ understanding of AIDS.

2017 | Matthew 25 Challenge launches, helping churches disciple families in their congregations around "the least of these brothers and sisters of mine" from Matthew 25:40

Help Syrian Children Refugees /pastor-resources/small-groups/m25-group-guide.html
Help Syrian Children Refugees https://www.worldvision.org/lp/m25-activate-your-church?campaign=400040480