3 pastors share what impressed them about World Vision's work

by Church Resource Team on April 8, 2016
During a trip to the Dominican Republic, pastors from across the country were able to see first-hand the incredible impact that long-term, transformational development makes on communities in need.  Here are three videos of church leaders sharing about what impressed them the most about World Vision's approach to the development of children, families and their communities.

Doug Melder - North Way Christian Community in Pittsburgh, PA

"What I've been impressed with most is the deeper work they are doing than is traditional in the relief world and the scope of it.  Just to know they are touching so many different pieces in one particular area is really impressive.  To know they are committed to a community for 10-15-20 years and they're doing that deeper work of structurally reengineering in all these different places how people do life is really impressive."

Darren Whitehead - Church of the City in Franklin, TN

"When you stay for that length of time there is an opportunity for real community transformation." 

Jared Mackey - TNL Church in Denver, CO

"I think what stood out to me the most...the conversations communities are having about how to solve their own problems.  They are not looking for external solutions, they are looking for partners."

Learn more about how your church can answer this call to follow Jesus into the margins of our world by hosting a Hope Sunday.  


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Help Syrian Children Refugees https://www.worldvision.org/lp/m25-activate-your-church?campaign=400040480