Service Projects

Bring your children and adults together with some of the most impactful ways you can show compassion and kindness to those living in poverty--hands on service. It’s fun, easy and life-changing.

Promise Packs
Syrian children fleeing violence need your church’s help today! Millions are escaping the violence to see refuge in neighboring countries, yet lack access to basic necessities. Your church can help by building Promise Packs for children in countries impacted by the refugee crisis. Promise Packs are filled with personal care items, a blanket, school supplies, and a note of encouragement. These items provide comfort and care for vulnerable children.

Empower your church to work together in this fun, hands on way to serve the poor right in your community! Find out how you can fund and fill backpacks with school supplies for children living in distressed communities throughout the U.S. – some may even be in your backyard.

US Mission Trips
Take youth or families on a life-changing mission trip here in the U.S. Be part of World Vision’s ministry in rural America and experience community transformation firsthand. These are trips families in your church will remember for years to come!

Did you know World Vision has sites around the U.S. where your church can get involved? Learn more about how you can take immediate hands-on action to help end poverty in the U.S. and around the world. See if there’s a site near you.