“...I was sick and you looked after me...” - Matthew 25:36 (NIV)

Your Church’s love offering helps fill empty shelves and save children’s lives!


Thanks to public grants, your church's gift multiplies 5X in impact to help provide antibiotics, antimalarials, deworming medications, pain relievers, surgical supplies and more.

Providing children with proper health care is just one piece of World Vision’s family of powerful solutions. It’s all about sharing God’s love – in a practical way.

Clinics in remote areas struggle to treat patients because they often have no basic medicines. The limited supplies they get don’t last. Untreated illnesses and malnutrition can have lifelong repercussions like stunted growth or brain damage. With the impact of COVID-19 causing extra challenges, support to stock clinics is so crucial. 

We know that so many churches are stretched by current circumstances and we are grateful for your church's gift during this unprecedented time. Together we can help ensure communities receive the life-saving medicines and care they need to live long and healthy lives.