Church Kits

A SchoolTools Kit Build event is a unique and exciting way for kids in your church to help other kids right in their own community, and learn firsthand about Jesus’ call to help the poor. This activity can help you teach of the power of generosity and how it changes hearts and lives.

Building backpacks with SchoolTools is an exciting, interactive experience. You can bring a SchoolTools Kit Build event to your Vacation Bible School, or as a creative and fun youth group or Sunday School activity.
Sign up now and get everything you need. We will supply everything for your children's ministry to fill backpacks with essential school supplies for children in need here in the U.S. After you register, an events specialist will work with you on all the details to make sure you have a great event.

A minimum order for a SchoolTools Kit Event is 25 backpacks. Each backpack costs $22, which covers the cost of supplies and shipping. Please plan your event at least 5 weeks in advance to allow for product delivery. Click here for more info.‚Äč



Check out the video below to see and hear the spiritual journey Aldersgate United Methodist Church experienced with a World Vision backpack kit event.