Crisis in West Africa

Your church can provide emergency food, agricultural assistance, and other critical support to children and families in West Africa. And because of grants and donated goods, your gift multiplies 4X to meet the most urgent needs in West Africa, especially those impacted by the crisis in Mali.


The humanitarian crisis in West Africa is taking a huge toll on families. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing political unrest in Mali, placing the region in desperate need of emergency food and care.

Children are especially vulnerable. Too many were already acutely malnourished even before the latest crisis. With the help of generous churches like yours, we are working to address deteriorating conditions. Your church can help now—and have 4X the impact.
Mali Crisis FAQs: Guide to the war and urgent needs of those affected.

Please join us today in prayer and support for the people of West Africa.

West Africa Prayer Guide

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This prayer guide is a great way to lead your church in supporting West Africa through prayer.