Activate Your Church

​Bring your church family together to change lives. You can provide Bibles for children who otherwise couldn’t afford one in communities where they are requested. Give the gift of a goat or chickens that can save hungry communities. Bring an inspiring speaker to your church, open your youth group to the experience of 30 hours without food, or travel the world to see God’s hand at work. Discover these and other great ways to engage your congregation to put their faith into action.

These unique experiences help open the eyes of your congregation to global poverty--and get them engaged.
Raising Awareness and Funds
Advocate for the oppressed and make a difference by giving life-changing gifts.
Service Projects
Mobilize your church with hands-on projects that impact your community and the world for Christ.

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Partnering with World Vision gives your members a way to help fight poverty and injustice around the world.

If you want more of Jesus, seek Him where He is to be found
- in the margins and among the poor.

Pastor Keith Stewart, Springcreek Church