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Host a Hope Sunday

Are you ready to take your church on an extraordinary, personal journey of understanding God’s heart for the most vulnerable? Take on the greatest needs of our day – transforming children’s lives through World Vision child sponsorship.
Hope Sunday is a simple way to bring World Vision child sponsorship to your congregation. Child sponsors can make such an impact for those living in the margins while experiencing their own personal growth. We’ll provide everything you need  to get started!  

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20% -- amount of diseases in children under 5 are due to mother’s poor health and nutrition.

12 per minute - number of deaths for children under 5

40 billion hours -- the time women in sub-Saharan Africa collectively spend each year gathering water.

70% -- the number of the world's poorest who are women.

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Life-changing this Mother’s Day

Eagle Brook Church: Transformed Through Generosity


Mother's Day, The Hardest Job in the Hardest Places
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Impact a Mother’s Life by
​Changing Her Child’s World.

​Your congregation will benefit from this experience. Child sponsors are known to:

  • Pray regularly for their sponsored child
  • Reflect on Christ’s concern for the poor
  • Take a more active interest in global poverty and injustice