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Mother’s Day 2015:
Host a Hope Sunday

Your church can help moms in the hardest places by hosting a Hope Sunday at your weekend services. Every mother wants the best for her children, but some can’t even provide for their most basic needs. They need your church.

20% -- amount of diseases in children under 5 are due to mother’s poor health and nutrition.

12 per minute - number of deaths for children under 5

40 billion hours -- the time women in sub-Saharan Africa collectively spend each year gathering water.

70% -- the number of the world's poorest who are women.

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Life-changing this Mother’s Day


Mother's Day, The Hardest Job in the Hardest Places
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WV Mothers day Posters
WV Mothers day Posters
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WV Mothers Day Insert
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Impact a Mother’s Life by
​Changing Her Child’s World.

​Your congregation will benefit from this experience. Child sponsors are known to:

  • Pray regularly for their sponsored child
  • Reflect on Christ’s concern for the poor
  • Take a more active interest in global poverty and injustice